P1020002-Perception gizmos add-on pack

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[modifier] Overview

The perception gizmos add-on pack for mBot and mBot Ranger is a brand new add-on pack. It contains five add-on cases for mBot and two for mBot Ranger.

[modifier] Part list

[modifier] mbot cases

  1. Range finder - Range finder can measure the range by handheld device. Off-line operation is available.
  2. Sound control lamp - The lamp would be turned on in dark area when sound reach at certain value.
  3. Weather station - It can measure temperature and humidity and show the value on the LED screen.
  4. Knob Robot - It is a robot that can play number guessing game.
  5. Energy-saving fan - The fan would be turned on when you get close to it, and it would be turned off when you leave it.

[modifier] ranger cases

  1. Roly-poly - The robot can return to vertical state after shaking. And it can do specific action and expression by programming.
  2. Music Box - The music box would be switched on by controlling lights. When the music starts, the doll beginning to spin, and the LED lighting up.

[modifier] Documentation

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