13412-Me LED Matrix (8 × 16)

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The Me LED Matrix(8 x 16) contains total 128 pieces of aligned LED. The color is blue. By receiving data from main board, it can be controlled to show the number, letter or symbol.

[modifier] Spécifications techniques

  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Signal mode: I²C communication
  • Module size: 73 x 31 x 15 mm (L x W x H)
  • Connecting with RJ25

[modifier] Programmation Arduino

If you use Arduino to write a program, the library Makeblock- Library-master should be invoked to control the Me LED Matrix. The LED Matrix will display the time, string or number. Me LED Matrix (8x16)-Arduino.png

[modifier] Programmation Scratch

Exemple de programme Scratch qui affiche un visage différent selon la distance mesurée par le capteur ultra-sons. MBot+LED.png

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[modifier] Principle analysis

The Me LED Matrix contain 128 pieces of matrix LED.There are 8 piece per line and 16 per row. The main board sends the data to module through I2C bus, and LED control specific chip in module can handle the data and interpret it. And output relative signal to power on or off the LED. Make them display the content.

[modifier] Schematic


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