11007-Me Light Sensor

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Developed on the basis of photoelectric effect principle in semiconductor, Me Light Sensor can be used to detect the intensity of ambient light. Users can use it to make some light interactive projects, such as an intelligent dimming lamplet, a laser communication system, and so on.

[modifier] Spécifications techniques

  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Control mode: single analog port control
  • Value of analog output: exposure to sunlight (>500), evening (0~100), indoor lighting condition (100~500)
  • Photosensitive wavelength range: 400nm~1100nm
  • Module dimension: 51 x 24 x 22mm (L x W x H)
  • Connecting with RJ25

[modifier] Programmation Arduino

This program instructs the Me Light Sensor to read the current light intensity Me Light Sensor-Arduino.png

[modifier] Programmation Scratch

The panda will speak out the value of light intensity read from the Me Light Sensor. The higher the light intensity is, the bigger the value is. The running results are as follows: Me Light Sensor-Scratch.png

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[modifier] Principle analysis

This module (Me Light Sensor) is a light sensor developed on the basis of photoelectric effect principle of semiconductor. Its main component is a photoelectric transistor whose resistance decreases with the increase of light intensity. By cascading it with another resister and outputting the value of divider resistance, the changing light signal can be converted into changing electrical signal and then output from analog port.

[modifier] Schematic


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