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Title : Software Operation Process
Process group : 6.4
Lower-level process of : none
Replaced by process : none
Specialization of : none
Conforming instance of : none

Purpose : The purpose of the Software Operation Process is to operate the software product in its intended environment and to provide support to the customers of the software product.

Activities :,,, et

List of outcomes : As a result of the successful implementation of the Software Operation Process: a) an operation strategy is defined; b) conditions for correct operation of the software in its intended environment are identified and evaluated; c) the software is tested and determined to operate in its intended environment; d) the software is operated in its intended environment; and e) assistance and consultation is provided to the customers of the software product in accordance with the agreement.warning.pngLa chaîne de représentation As a result of the successful implementati […] product in accordance with the agreement. est trop grande pour ce site.

The Software Operation Process in this International Standard is a specialization of the Operation Process of ISO/IEC 15288. Users may consider claiming conformance to the 15288 process rather than the process in this standard.

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